Episode 4: On capturing nature’s beauty through X-ray images

CrazyBird Podcast
CrazyBird Podcast
Episode 4: On capturing nature's beauty through X-ray images

In this episode, Wioleta talks to Arie van’t Riet, an artist and former medical physicist about his love for nature and how he is trying to capture and share its beauty through X-ray images.

Arie van’t Riet

You can learn more about Arie’s work at xrayimagesofnature.nl on Instagram @arievantriet, Facebook xraysofnature.

Kingfisher by Arie van’t Riet
Squirrel Monkey by Arie van’t Riet
Barn Owl by Arie van’t Riet
Oystercatcher by Arie van’t Riet
Seahorses by Arie van’t Riet
Turtles Azalea 1 by Arie van’t Riet

Recently Arie van’t Riet’s children’s book age 8+ was published with a selection of a number of his x-rays (originally in dutch but recently translated and published by Greystondkids).

Inside In: X-Rays of Nature’s Hidden World