About the Show

Photo by Wioleta Kaminska

In the CrazyBird Podcast, Wioleta Kaminska and Matt Van Rys probe a mutual fascination with nature and creativity. Join us and our guests as we explore an array of stories that reveal deep connections between culture, nature and creativity. Funny, educational, and thought-provoking, we hope you find insight and stillness as you accompany us.

Our Team

Wioleta Kaminska (Bird in Chief) is a media artist, interdisciplinary designer, linguist and educator focused on visual and audio storytelling. She is interested in a visual and auditory exploration of seemingly mundane and uneventful environments. Places where time seems to be passing slowly and, yet, where steady and constant change takes place. Birds are a big part of that process and Wioleta’s life in general, and they often make their way to Wioleta’s meditative video landscapes. Both in her media art and in the CrazyBird Podcast Wioleta’s goal is to capture moments that intrigue and encourage a viewer and listener to find some time for contemplation and reflection. Moments, she believes, we all need to live a healthy and balanced life.

Matt Van Rys (Blue Footed Producer), nature enthusiast extraordinaire, is an avid hiker and lover of nature parks. Matt believes that true wellness comes from embracing and supporting the natural world as if our lives depend on it…because it does. When indoors, Matt creates media art, produces motion graphics, and is a stalwart art educator.

The Consultant (Juvenile Barred Owl aka The Kid) is a true inspiration behind The CrazyBird name and its logo. Wioleta got acquainted with The Kid on one of her early evening walks and ever since has admired and watched the young owl. It is also during those walks that Wioleta met fascinating people who share her passion for nature, creativity and good storytelling. Some of them have already been the CrazyBird’s guests. It is fair to say that it is really The Consultant that runs the show.

Do you have an interesting story to share? Do you have any questions or inquiries? Or maybe, you want to tell us how much you enjoyed our show:) We would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at crazybird.podcast@gmail.com.